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How to get facebook feeds into NiFi?


How to get facebook data and store into my HDFS

  • Ex. I have one #tag say Starbucks i need to get feeds from it as json file
  • I'm newer in NIFI so please explain from beginning and read many posts regarding facebook need to start from getHttp
  • which address i need to give to get feeds for particular tags.
  • please show me properties with example

Thanks in advance


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Thanks @Pierre Villard

I got some data but still having doubts

  • I have created one app in facebook developer and using graph API explorer get my access token
  • In my Gethttp, I use url as
  • i have to give at least a name of the file and i configure ssl (StandardSSLContextService)
  • Finally i directly put into HDFS, after receive first file it shows error file already exist

My problem is how can i received as multiple json files and my access token is expired in specific time is thr any options to extend dynamically....please show me with properties screen shot

Thank you...

Hi @Manikandan Durairaj

To update the name of the file, you can use an UpdateAttribute processor and set the attribute 'filename' with the name of your choice using expression language [1]. If you want a name based on current time, you can use date functions, otherwise you can use the function UUID to generate a unique filename for each flow file.

That would be a property filename with ${UUID()}


Hope this helps.


This post is similar to your use case and shows how to rename the file for repeated ingests as @Pierre Villard describes

Hi @Manikandan Durairaj,

Can you share template with me if you get success on this.



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Did you ever run into problems in terms of API permission? I am trying to do something similar, searching for a specific word in public posts and fetch them using NiFi and pushing it to HDFS but I am having trouble doing so.

Could you share a template with me if you get any further in this process?


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The link is no longer valid. Could you please update?


Thanks in advance.

@Mostafa01 The link in Tim's reply above has been updated and should correctly resolve now.



Bill Brooks, Community Moderator
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