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How to get nifi source code of HDF.


Hi, as title, I cannot get the HDF nifi source code from

how to got it?


Are you trying to get the JAR for standard processors, or the actual source code? Those are two different things.

If you are trying to get the JAR then what you have above seems correct, but you would need to define the hortonworks Maven repo in your Maven settings.xml

If you are trying to get the source code, then I think the closes you can come is to get the Apache code that is closest to the HDF release. That version number means Apache NiFi 1.0.0 and HDF 2.0.0 so the Apache code for that would be:

Super Guru

One caveat is for HDF 3.0.x, it is based on NiFi 1.2.0 but is actually much closer to 1.3.0; HDF 3.0.0 was built before NiFi 1.3.0 was officially released. Otherwise the base Apache version is the closest, like Bryan said.


Got it. Thanks.

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