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How to get the active hive tables count in Apache Atlas ?


Hi All,

Could you explain how to get the active hive tables count in Apache Atlas ?

Thanks in advance..!!!


@Satya Nittala

please use the atlas api to fetch these details. Ref:

Expert Contributor

@Satya Nittala, you can use the following basic search API to return all hive_table entities in the cluster. You can change the value of limit and offset to get the result.

curl -X POST \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -d '{
    "excludeDeletedEntities": true,
    "includeSubClassifications": true,
    "includeSubTypes": true,
    "limit": 100000,
    "offset": 0,
    "typeName": "hive_table"


@Sarath Subramanian Thanks for response

Please find below for my commnets

1. You provided POST command , , Do we need to use GET right ?

2. This one will give all hive table (Deleted & Active ) , I need only "ACTIVE"

3. This command will give maximum of 10k count , I had more that , its not working if i gave more than 10k

Expert Contributor

1.Basic search by using POST is sophisticated way compared to GET , as POST allows you to provide more params which GET cannot.

2. I go with Sarath's answer . "excludeDeletedEntities": true will exclude the DELETED entities.

3. 10k is the default max limit of results which can be changed to n using :

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@Satya Nittala

1. Basic search uses POST command, please refer to this link for more details.

2. "excludeDeletedEntities": true flag ensures that the results will exclude deleted entities.

3. Can you elaborate, what didn't work if limit > 10000 ?