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How to get yarn application_id of individual hive query submitted from HUE workbench ?

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Hi Team,


We are using HUE to run hive queries, as we know within HUE panel user can write multiple queries and can run them at a same time but session will be same. Is there any way to get yarn application_id for individual query written in HUE panel ? because we have observed that when a user run couple of queries at the same time then same yarn application_id is assigned to them because session is same, we are concerned about tracking individual query ran on the cluster. Please suggest us any plan to get these individual query ran on cluster within same session. 


I would like listening from you.





Super Guru

For jobs submitted in the same Hue session, they will have different application IDs. Can you please share what you observed, via screenshot? This might help to clarify your question.


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I will replicate the issue and will share suggested screenshots with you, meanwhile can you give me some idea about how we can get individual query written in panel from HUE metadata tables. I looked into HUE metadata table desktop_document2 and seen that it stores complete JSON object regarding information of user's HUE query panel. Snippets property of stored JSON object has another property statement_raw which contains all query statements written within HUE panel. Somehow i want to extract individual query statement from HUE panel.