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How to handle json using EvaluateJsonPath processor in NiFi

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I want to split and transfer the json data in NiFi, Here is my json structure look like this; I want to split json by id1,id2 array of json transfer to respective processor group say example processor_group a,b. I tried with evaluate json path $.id1,$.id2 but i didn't get exact solution. Can you please help me out from this issue;

"id1": [{
"u_name": "aa"
}, {
"addr": "bb"
"id2": [{
"u_name": "aa"
}, {
"addr": "bb"



Super Guru

@varun_rathinam Accessing json in an array object via EvaluateJsonPath can be quite confusing.   I also notice the structure of your json is kind of confusing with same values in both.  I have adjusted id2 for cc and dd for testing so that I can tell id1 and id2 values apart.


The solution you want is (see template for exact string values):


Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 10.20.12 AM.png


Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 10.19.46 AM.png





Notice we use the normal tree for each json object ( $.object ) then access the array ( 0, 1 ) then access the array's objects.   Also notice it is possible to access the json object array with or without a . before the [.




You can also find my template during testing of your issue on my GitHub:



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Steven @ DFHZ