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How to handle more than nifi.queue.swap.threshold setting

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hi all.

process is ExecuteSQL -> SplitJson -> Queue -> ExecuteGroovyScript -> file -> nifi.queue.swap.threshold = 20000(default)

If the flowfile is 43508, only the nifi.queue.swap.threshold value is processed, and more is accumulated in the queue and not processed


How to handle more than nifi.queue.swap.threshold setting

If the settings do not resolve..

nifi-app.log written that swap out was successful and two swap files were created, but the swap file was not found when swap in.

2019-04-05 16:31:59,534 WARN [Timer-Driven Process Thread-6] o.a.n.controller.FileSystemSwapManager Cannot swap in FlowFiles from location D:\download\NIFI-1~1.0-B\NIFI-1~1.0\.\flowfile_repository\swap\1554449490032-01691059-3464-1fc9-0a1a-9def8b12c89e-15293fe8-c2ea-4f9d-a4fb-fd992716903d.swap because the FlowFile Repository does not know about this Swap Location. This file should be manually removed. This typically occurs when a Swap File is written but the FlowFile Repository is not updated yet to reflect this. This is generally not a cause for concern, but may be indicative of a failure to update the FlowFile Repository.

But I confirmed that the swap file is in the path


Changing nifi.queue.swap.threshold = 30,000 will process up to 30,000 and stop equally.

Thank you for your help.


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I have exactly the same issue... I can increase the nifi.queue.swap.threshold but why does this happen in the first place ? Isn't the swap working at all ?