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How to identify the user who has acquired table lock in Hive after lock is released


I had a scenario where a Sqoop ingestion query failed on Hive table due to table lock issue. Does Hive maintain lock history? Is there any way to check which user has acquired this lock after lock is released. From the log I am getting below message.

FAILED: Error in acquiring locks: Lock acquisition for LockRequest(component:[LockComponent(type:EXCLUSIVE, level:TABLE, dbname:db_name, tablename:table_name, operationType:NO_TXN)], txnid:0, user:user_name,, agentInfo:user_20171218230532_32d0dac8-17d9-4f1c-af90-be7e6f8e0358) timed out after 5502640ms.  LockResponse(lockid:28622126, state:WAITING)


@Sandeep SIngh

No, hive doesn't maintain any lock history.

show locks;

Above command would help you to get the user who has acquired a lock over the table in hive. But however if the lock is released then you will not be able to see the user who has acquired the locks. Also there is no history of locks being recorded as it is not necessarily needed for the namenode for any computation.

Hope it helps!