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How to import NFS metrics into Grafana

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Hi Team,

I am trying to create a custom metric and import NFS metrics into Grafana but it doesn't seems to be working. Followed, and now metrics is available at http://<hostname>:50079/jmx as a JSON document.


Also, tried to import json as mentioned in below link but no luck.

HDP - 2.6.5

Ambari -

Any help on this.



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How to see your Current Grafana Version?

When you login to your Grafana UI and click on the "Sign In" button then in the Page "http://$GRAFANA_HOST:3000/login"
You should see the Grafana Version that you are using.


For example with Ambari 2.7.3 (or Ambari 2.6.2 ..etc) repo you should get the "Grafana version: 2.6.0"


But the feature which you are looking out "For monitor NFS" Has a Dependency listed as "Grafana 4.2.0" you can check the right panel "Dependencies" section on the same link.

So you are expecting a More advanced feature from Older version Grafana.
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Hi @jsensharma 

Thank you for your response. I checked the Grafana Admin and the version is v2.6.0. 

In Dependencies, Prometheus 1.0.0 is also mentioned as DataSource. Do we need to configure other DataSource in newer version of Grafana for this feature or can we use AmbariMetrics as DataSource.

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