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How to increase beeline java heap size?

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I am running into Java Heap Space issue while running a complex query against a big dataset. The same query works fine from Hive CLI. If I run small queries they run fine in beeline.

Is there any way I can increase beeline Java heap size for all users so they do not run out of memory?



@Shashant Panwar

If you click on the Hive Service --> Config you can see option to increase Hiveserver2 Heap Size and Client Heap Size.

Please increase them in order to overcome the issue.


Were as in Hive CLI it connect directly to Hive Metastore but for beeline it has it's own metastore inside Hiveserver2. Hoep this helps you.

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If the issue is that the number of rows is too high starting beeline with beeline --incremental=true will be of help