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How to increase main memory for one master node in the cluster??


Hi i have 3 node cluster(1 master and 2 worker nodes) on aws platform with m3.large instance i.e 7.5 memory and 2 cores. now in my master i have name node in that certain amount of metadata.

now i am planning to increase memory and cores to m4.2xlarge on master node.

if i change instance type to m4.2xlarge directly from aws does my name node memory lost?

To change the instance type please suggest me good practices?

Thanks in Advance.


New Contributor

Never done it before, but I think you have to stop your cluster, create a snapshot and an AMI image of this snap based on the actual NN, deploy the larger machine using that AMI or dettach the disk from the old host, attach to the new, boot the new VM host using the disk from the old, and increase the NN heapsize on Ambari.

Creating a snap and AMI image is a good idea anyway to have a backup if something goes wrong.


Hi Pavan,
Did you manage to change the Instance Type? Even we are upgrading it from m4.4xlarge to m4.10xlarge, let me know if you have faced any issues post doing this. If it was successful can you post the brief steps. Thanks.

-Ram Charan

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