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How to insert record to mongoDB6 collection using PutMongo processor in Apache Nifi 1.9.2 ?

New Contributor

 with Latest Mongodb 6 , Mongo has removed below operations

Due to removal I am not able to save the data to mongo collection using putMongo,PutMongoRecord processor.

When I checked the log , They are saying to upgrade the mongo-nar in nifi Lib folder.

1. nifi-mongodb-services-nar-1.18.0

2. nifi-mongodb-client-service-api-nar-1.18.0

3. nifi-mongodb-nar-1.18.0

Which I did . But now I am getting error


java.util.ServiceConfigurationError: org.apache.nifi.controller.ControllerService: Provider org.apache.nifi.mongodb.MongoDBLookupService could not be instantiated.



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