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How to install CDH5 offline?

How to install CDH5 offline?

New Contributor

I want install CDH5 in a offline cluster. So I download rpms and install they one by one.


But the hdfs & yarn rpm can't install with miss lib. The fail log is as blow


Error: Package: hadoop-hdfs-2.5.0+cdh5.3.3+846-1.cdh5.3.3.p0.8.el6.x86_64 (/hadoop-hdfs-2.5.0+cdh5.3.3+846-1.cdh5.3.3.p0.8.el6.x86_64)

Which rpm I can install to fix the require?


Where I can find a document to show me how to install in a offline cluster?




Re: How to install CDH5 offline?

New Contributor

The cloudera installation documentation has a section on installing offline.



You should consider installing via parcels over rpm's. You can download and stage the parcels just like you can rpm's and it's a much smoother and cleaner installation.


To find the rpm, I'll assume you're using a yum-based package manager, you could try:


yum provides */*


If it's in your repos, that should find it, but again, use parcels. It can be done offline and you'll like it a lot more.