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How to install Hadoop Client on remote server CDH 6.3.3

New Contributor

Im in need of Hadoop CLient which we want to install on a remote server , Im unable to find any document or location from where I can download the hadoop client for CDH 6.3.3





All servers in a cluster should be managed by CM or Ambari etc. In the case of CDH 6.3.3 you will use the Cloudera manager to add gateway aka client roles to the remote server so that these gateway/Client or edge node interchangeably is centrally managed by CM which deploys the client software like YARN,zk,hdfs Clients/gateways depending on the language.

If you decide to install any client manually then you will have to manually CORE/SITE/MAPRED-SITE.xml's. These files will be overridden if CM managed else it's a vanilla setup quite a headache to manage.