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How to install Hue on the HDP 2.6.1. sandbox (and thus CentOS 7)

New Contributor

For academic purposes I want to be able teach Hadoop using a HDP 2.6.1 sandbox (with HDF 3.0 also), but also include Hue (latest version, of course).

I believe that there are some known problems with Hue in CentOS 7, the basis for the HDP sandbox, and that might pose a problem..


Super Collaborator

I have built and deployed Hue 4.0.0 on CentOS just fine. What exact problems are you referring to?

Granted, I have done this within an actual production system, not the sandbox, but I don't see why it would be any different.

If using the Dockerized sandbox, I would recommend setting up Hue within docker-compose. And if you are using that route, just use the Hue docker container and configure the hue.ini file accordingly.

If you want to try to install it via Ambari, there is a service for that too.

I have taken the (now broken) EsharEditor Repo and made it work for HDP2 & 3, with Hue 3 & 4, and bundled into an ambari management pack.  Details here:

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