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How to install very specific minor version of HDP

New Contributor

I'd like to install specific version/tag of HDP components. I'm using Redhat 7.

I've tried Ambari and it allows to install major versions like

I want to install version but it's not available.

I've tried to guess repository url for this version based on major version - but it does not exists.

Is there available repository with minor versions? Or should I compile components by myself?


@Tadeusz Kleszcz

You will only see the official releases (including minor version) in the repository. To get the exact released version please brose through

HDP 2.6.4 Repo :

New Contributor

I know I can install HDP- version but I'd like to install even more specific. I'd like to provide number in place of 0. Some components like hive or jar libs of Yarn have these specific versions which are tagged in repository. For instance here is hive version

And here is specific version of yarn lib I mean in this question how I can install these specific versions with HDP.