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How to iterate over xml tags?

New Contributor

Hi everyone.

I have the following XML: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <flow xmlns:*** xmlns:xsi=*** xsi:schemaLocation=***> <version>1.0</version> <id>15</id> <date>2018-01-01</date> <sender> <senderId> <idType>G</idType> <idCode>code</idCode> </senderId> <senderName>name</senderName> </sender> <paymentsNumber>2</paymentsNumber> <paymentsTotal>800.40</paymentsTotal> <payment> <paymentId>1</paymentId> <paymentAmount>400.20</paymentAmount> <paymentResult>0</paymentResult> <paymentDate>2018-02-01</paymentDate> </payment> <payment> <paymentId>2</paymentId> <paymentAmount>400.20</paymentAmount> <paymentResult>0</paymentResult> <paymentDate>2018-02-02</paymentDate> </payment> </flow>

I need to extract all tags values and to execute insert queries on different tables. In particular:

- <version>, <id>, <date>, <idType>, <idCode>, <senderName>, <paymentsNumber>, <paymentsTotal> need to be inserted in one table

- <version>, <id>, <date> and all tags values inside <payment> need to be inserted in another table (an insert query for every <payment> tag occurrence)

How can I achieve this result? I tried to use ReplaceText + PutSQL, but this combination seems to not be useful.

Any help will be appreciated!



New Contributor

Thank you @Timothy Spann, I combined TransformXML, SplitXML and EvaluateXPath, and I obtained the desired result.

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