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How to load data of snappy file into hive table?

New Contributor

Hi Guys,

I have a snappy file created in hdfs though the following nifi flow:QueryDatabaseTable(Mysql)->PutHDFS(Snappy compression)

I tried to load this snappy file into my hive table but I was unable to do so.This snappy file contains data of mysql table into compressed format.

Can any of you suggest a suitable hive query to load data of snappy file into hive table?


@Parth Karkhanis

Your PutHDFS file should add an attribute to the flow file called ${hive.ddl}. You should be able to use this DDL statement to create the hive table. Work with it manually until you get the syntax correct.

In my working example, I send PutHdfs to ReplaceText where I append ${hive.ddl} with

${hive.ddl} LOCATION '/user/nifi/${folderName}/${tableName}/' tblproperties ("orc.compress" = "SNAPPY")

Then I send that to PutHiveQL Processor.

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