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How to make authenticate credentials sensitive in HandleHttpRequest processor in nifi


Hi, I am using HandleHttpRequest processor, using the listen port we are fetching information and next i have added routeOnattribute for authorization but authorization is in plain text format how do i make it sensitive which means hide the authenticated value.I am attaching pictures of processors.1.On first picture I have added one property which is http.headers.Authorization in HANDLEHTTPREQUEST processor, for the authorization in RouteOnAttribute processor, 2.On second picture ROUTEONATTRIBUTE processor, (Basic test123)it is in plain text format how to make this sensitive which means how to hide authorization token, 3. Overall connection view .please help me out.HTTPHandleRequest processorHTTPHandleRequest processorRouteOnAttributeRouteOnAttributeOverall connectionOverall connection



@sathish3389 Define a parameter context and parameter ("parameter_password") for your flow with your password string, define that as sensitive value, then use the parameter in the processor property value :




This will hide the password and make it easy to update the password by just updating the parameter.