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How to monitor/audit sqoop jobs


Hello - 


I am trying to identify when a user runs a sqoop job at the command line.  I was told I could use the YARN application monitor/page, but that still doesn't seem to show the sqoop jobs.  



Does anyone know a way i could monitor or audit whether users are running sqoop jobs?







The job might already been completed, so you have to check that under Finished link


As an alternate, When you run the job in command line it will show the URL to track the job as follows


INFO mapreduce.Job: The url to track the job: http://ipaddress:8088/proxy/application_1489467591893_1234/



thanks for the reply and info.


Is there any way for me to find job history...for jobs that have already from the previous week?  I was wondering if the one of the log files (not sure which one) might capture that info. 


I won't have the ability to know when the user's run the i won't be able to get the URL from the command line.






Pls go to the YARN application monitor/page that you have mentioned above, there will be a link called 'Finished' in the left side

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