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How to move only newly inserted or updated records alone from hive stage table into another hive table

New Contributor

In Hive i have a staging table 'Stg_emp' . Below is sample records for stg_emp table.

Empid Ename Last_date

----- ----- ---------

1 Eliza 19/02/2018 10:45:02

2 Mike 18/02/2018 09:45:04

3 James 18/02/2018 08:25:01

For this staging table, i will get newly inserted rows through Sqoop_job1 and Updated rows through Sqoop_job2



sqoop job --create sqoop_job1 --import --connect jdbc:oracle:thin:@ --username sq_user --password sq_us --table Stg_emp --incremental append -check-column empid --target-dir /user/sq_sample/stg_emp -m 1 --merge-key empid



sqoop job --create sqoop_job2 --import --connect jdbc:oracle:thin:@ --username sq_user --password sq_us --table Stg_emp --incremental lastmodified -check-column last_date --target-dir /user/sq_sample/stg_emp -m 1 --merge-key empid

My Questions on above sample table.

1. If row contains Empid 3 is deleted then how will i sink those deletions in hive.

2. If i want to move only newly inserted rows of stg_emp into another hive table , how to do that

3. If i want to move only updated rows of stg_emp into another hive table, how to do that.

Please correct me if my sqoop jobs are wrong.


New Contributor

I got answer for 2nd and 3rd question as below.

merge into emp
using ( select * from stg_emp) sub
on sub.empid = emp.empid
when matched then update set ename = sub.ename
when not matched then insert values (sub.empid, sub.ename, sub.last_date);
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