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How to open Atlas UI ?

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I am using Hortonworks Data Cloud o AWS. I am using HDP 2.6. I have added Atlas service from Ambari and it works fine in Ambari. there is no quick link to open Atlas. How can I open Atlas UI to work on it ?

can anyone provide me the steps which i can follow?



@heta desai

Go to http://AtlasHostName:21000/login.jsp

Replace AtlasHostName with the host name for your Atlas.



Replace Altashostname where you have installed Atlas and try to browse with http:atlashostpublicip:2100


@heta desai

If you are trying to open it in your local window's browser,In your AWS security you MUST have created a Firewall rule that uses MyIP so that all the ports from your cluster are accessible from your laptop.

Then use the Public DNS name/IP of Atlas host http://atlas_host:21000/login.jsp remember the private IP is only accessible within the AWS datacenter