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How to pass table names from a file to oozie workflow


I have a workflow in oozie. In this workflow I want to pass a table name as an argument. The table names are present in a file tables.txt I want to pass the table names from tables.txt to the workflow.

<workflow-app name="Shell_test" xmlns="uri:oozie:workflow:0.5">
    <start to="shell-8f63"/>
    <kill name="Kill">
        <message>Action failed, error message[${wf:errorMessage(wf:lastErrorNode())}]</message>
    <action name="test_shell">
        <shell xmlns="uri:oozie:shell-action:0.1">
        <ok to="End"/>
            <error to="email-error"/>
        <action name="email-error">
        <email xmlns="uri:oozie:email-action:0.2">
            <subject>Status of workflow ${table}</subject>
            <body>The workflow ${table} ${wf:id()} had issues and was killed. The error message is: ${wf:errorMessage(wf:lastErrorNode())}</body>
        <ok to="end"/>
        <error to="end"/>
        <end name="End"/>

I was able to do this using the following in the workflow.


Now I have a problem.

Say If the workflow fails for one of the tables in the input_file then I am not getting any email. I am getting email only if the workflow fails for the last table in the input_file.

Why is this happening and How can I get an email for every time the workflow fails? Or am I doing the whole process wrong.

Could anyone please explain and correct me where I am doing things in a wrong way.



Inside your shell script, you may want to check if the one of your hive table fails then script exit with non-zero code. Then the action will failed and goes to email-error.