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How to prevent that hive creates RM queue of arbitrary name?


My cluster uses capacity queue, and completed setting of allocation resources each queue.

But, when some users apply job with options "set" or "set", then queue name "abc" and "def" are automatically created in ResourceManager.

That queue can allocate from zero-memory, zero-vcore up to maximum-memory, maximum-vcore in my cluster resources.

I do not want that.

How can i prevent automatically creation of queue by hive?


Master Collaborator

Can you check the following property settings on your cluster?

      If a queue mapping is present and override is set to true, it will override the queue value specified
      by the user. This can be used by administrators to place jobs in queues
      that are different than the one specified by the user.
      The default is false - user can specify to a non-default queue.

What you desire is true for this parameter.

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