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How to process the SMS log data

How to process the SMS log data


Hi Friends,

I have a data like below from log files

2017-06-04 08:01:08 Receive asd [SMSC:voda2] [SVC:usrCellfind].

Here Field Delimiter is [ ] and inside delimiter, the fields are like <<column name>>:<<value>>. Could you please let me know how to process these kinds of log file


Re: How to process the SMS log data

Super Collaborator

Depends on what you need to do with the fields,

Since the input follows a regular pattern, you could apply a regex matching to extract the required entities.

A = load 'file' using PigStorage() as (line:chararray);<br>B = FOREACH A GENERATE FLATTEN(REGEX_EXTRACT_ALL(line,'(\\d{4}-\\d{2}-\\d{2}\\s\\d{2}:\\d{2}:\\d{2})\\s(.*?)\\s(.*?)\\s\\[(.*?)\\].*?\\[(.*?)\\]')) as (c1:chararray,c2:chararray,c3:chararray,c4:chararray,c5:chararray);<br>dump B;<br>(2017-06-04 08:01:08,Receive,asd,SMSC:voda2,SVC:usrCellfind) 

If you can show an expected parsed result, may be we can attack this problem in a better way.


Based on the required output, I modified the REGEX as below

B = FOREACH A GENERATE FLATTEN(REGEX_EXTRACT_ALL(line,'(\\d{4}-\\d{2}-\\d{2}\\s\\d{2}:\\d{2}:\\d{2})\\s(.*?)\\s(.*?)\\s.*?\\[.*?:(.*?)\\].*?\\:(.*?)\\]')) as (c1:chararray,c2:chararray,c3:chararray,c4:chararray,c5:chararray);

Also, this isn't restricted to PIG. If you need to use hive, the same Regex Groups would help. Hive supports Regex Serde. There is an excellent article on the same.

Re: How to process the SMS log data


Getting mismatched input 'as' expecting RIGHT_PAREN

and also I want to get output as

  1. (2017-06-0408:01:08,Receive,asd,voda2,usrCellfind)

Re: How to process the SMS log data


Thanks Arun for your help