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How to remove the blank lines in Nifi


I'm currently trying to remove the blank line after discarding the lines in Nifi

Removing those lines in Nifi {"eventType":"delete","ServerSerial":"0","ServerName":"","deletedat":"2018-08-24 17:56:34.944"} Since the serial number is 0 and empty servername . After removing there will be a blank space created in the final output file I want to replace the blanks space

"eventType":"delete","ServerSerial":"1556562030","ServerName":"XYZ_U_O","deletedat":"2018-08-24 17:56:39.974"}
{"eventType":"delete","ServerSerial":"0","ServerName":"","deletedat":"2018-08-24 17:56:34.944"}

{"eventType":"delete","ServerSerial":"0","ServerName":"","deletedat":"2018-08-24 17:56:34.944"}

So I'm currently using ReplaceText to search for the value :


and replacing with empty spaces . It failed to remove the blank lines

Replaced with ^[ \t]*$\r?\n --> Failed to remove .

Replaced with \r\n --> Failed to remove .

Replace value is not considered the regex value . What shall I do . How can i replace blank lines after removing the lines based on the Search value.


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@Raj ji

Check out this solution here:

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