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How to remove user in CDSW

New Contributor



I installed CDSW and plug it on ldap. That work fine.

Now i trying to add user from invitation.


Before send invitation i created my user in ldap and from CDSW i send invitation.


All work fine, but now i want delete user IN CDSW. I see i can, disable, but no remove.


I tryed to delete user from my ldap, and connect reconnect to CDSW but user always appear.


My question:


It is possible to delete user in CDSW ? I read the documentation, but found nothing.


Thx for your help


Cloudera Employee

Hi @Silentd 


Currently, It is not possible to delete users in CDSW. You can only disable them. User deletion is not straight forward in CDSW since a user can have a lot of history/references (through sessions, job runs, projects, etc) that also need to be handled. The efforts are ongoing to include a feature to delete users in future releases.