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How to reset root password for sandbox hdp 2.4


I changed root password at very first time but it was a quite long time and now I forgot that password.

So can anyone help me to reset it again in hdp 2.4


1. Go to grub menu

2. Select line starting with kernel and press e

3. In next screen add s at end of line and press enter.

4. In next screen press b which will log you in as root without password.

5. Change password using passwd.


@Rahul Pathak: I tried to go to grub menu in VM fusion by hitting shift during reboot but did not get success.

So can you please let me know how to go to grub menu ?

When you boot sandbox it says Press any key to enter menu.

Press any key and then start from step 2


Thanks @Rahul Pathak: I tried it but it still asking password after step 4.

Once it restart it is asking password.

Rising Star

It worked for me.


Try login in single user mode and reset passowrd.


@Jitendra Yadav: Can you help me to do it in VM Fusion please ?

When you restart the sandbox you will see the VMware BIOS Screen just before OS starts and then press and hold the Shift key and the Grub Boot Menu should appear.

@Saurabh KumarCan you verify that you see same as in below screenshots?

Step 2


Step 3


Step 4


Hi, I am facing the same problem but but a kernel version 3.10.0.

So i do not have the same screen shot as yours.

Can you please tell me how to do?

Please find attached my screen shots.



The complete steps to reset root password for sandbox is

1. start your VM

2. press f12 to go to grub menu

3. press e

4. select the second line "kernel /vmlinuz-2.632 ...."

5. press again e

6. add s at end of line (<consoleblank=0 quiet s)and press enter.

7. press b which will log you in as root without password.

8. Change password using passwd. Be carrefull, you are in qwerty mode

9. press exit and press entrer