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How to restore flows from git in NiFi Registry?

New Contributor

I'm using GitFlowPersistenceProvider in NiFi Registry 0.3. Today I created another NiFi Registry and I wanted to load all flows from the previous one using the same provider. Unfortunately nothing happens - any buckets nor flows aren't recreated. I tried to create all buckets manually but even then any flows aren't imported.

GitFlowPersistenceProvider documentation states:

When NiFi Registry starts, this provider reads through Git commit histories and lookup these bucket.yml files to restore Buckets and Flows for each snapshot version.

What should I do to load existing flows into new NiFi Registry using GitFlowPersistenceProvider?



HI @Maciej Michalec,

have you properly initialized the git / bucket folder?

NiFi Registry Documentation

Initialize Git directory

In order to use GitFlowPersistenceRepository, you need to prepare a Git directory on the local file system. You can do so by initializing a directory with git init command, or clone an existing Git project from a remote Git repository by git clone command.

New Contributor

Hello, @Raymond Honderdors,

Yes, I had properly initialized git repository. Unfortunately answer from StackOverflow shows that restoring NiFi Registry without database object isn't possible, so documentation gives wrong information.


@Maciej Michalec i found a related article - Support rebuilding
metadata DB from Git repo.

with thanks to @Michal Klempa who created a working docker image ""

the Fix was released as part of version 0.4.0 (May 21, 2019)

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