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How to run a processor only when ahother proccessor has finished its execution?


I'm migrating a table (2 millions of rows) from DB2 to SQL Server. I'm using the next flow:

1. ExecuteSQL (to select records from the Db2 table).

2. SplitAvro (to split the records. I configured it with Output Size = 1 to control the case that if one fails the rest is inserted without problems.

3. PutDataBaseRecord (to insert the records in the SQL Server table).

4. ExecuteSQL (I need to call a stored procedure that executes update sentences against the same table that PutDataBaseRecord is working to).

The problem is the second ExecuteSQL is running before PutDataBaseRecord complete the insertion of all records.

How can I tell nifi to run that processor only when the other one finishes?

Thanks in advance!


I haven't worked on those processors before, but did you try Wait/Notify processors yet?