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How to send flowfile to another nifi instance?

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Can someone tell me if these is even possible.  We want to send a file through nifi to another nifi server on a different network, thus nifi is the only tunnel of communication between the two networks.  If we can send just the file data I'm ok with that. If we can maintain the attributes and send the actual flowfile then even better.


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This is very possible and very commonly done.

NiFi's Remote Process Group (RPG) is commonly used (recommended method) to transfer NiFi FlowFiles between different NiFi instances or even different NiFi clusters:


When a direct connection between NiFi's can't be made, you can also use the mergeContent processor to "FlowFile Stream, v3" to merge numerous FlowFiles (includes FlowFile attributes) in to a single FlowFile that can be transferred by any means to another NiFi where it can be ingested and use the unpackContent processor to unplack that into the original FlowFiles with their original attributes.


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