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How to set yarn application name of hive job

Expert Contributor

I use HDP 2.4,use hive on Tez.

And i want to set the job name show in yarn resource manger page,

Now the hive job name like HIVE-2f58f71e-4c29-4092-ac04-6e63c15ee223 and application is tez.

How should I set the name of hive job name to let it shows on the yarn resource manager page.



Hi @darkz yu

Unfortunately, this cannot be set for RM UI. It can only can be correlated in TEZ UI through

Unlike jobs on MR, where is used for it.

So far, you cannot do it for RM UI, but you can set and check it on TEZ UI

Reason behind it is that RM UI displays the yarn application name and since in Hive reuses applications heavily there is no 1-1 relationship between application and DAG or query (Tez). For instance.

Please have a look at the following links on this.


Try --hiveconf


set ''

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