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How to setup backup and restore of Hive(1.2) tables to S3 from HDP2.3 cluster?

I have an HDP2.3 cluster. I need to setup backup and restore of hive tables in S3. Could you please suggest the best way to do the same? Can Falcon Web UI be used? Can I schedule the replication activity from Falcon?


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@Phoncy Joseph Read through this post, it has some good insight into methods of copying Hive data to S3: This can be scheduled using Oozie, or if you need additional functionality, Falcon can be used to build a more complex data pipeline. Also be aware of a new feature called Ambari Workflow Manager, which is available now. Refer to for details. Please don't forget to accept this answer if you find it helpful.

@Mike Riggs Thanks for the response. I'm looking for the availability of a backup and recovery option for Hive tables without much scripting work to be done. There is an option to mirror HDFS data to S3 from Falcon Web UI, is something similar available for Hive table?

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