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How to setup hadoop cluster with dedicate yarn/resource manager

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i'm new in learning hadoop and i have some question that i didnt find the answer anywhere. as i learn all put yarn/resourcemanager with namenode and i know its possible to use yarn/RM own(dedicated) server. How to setup hadoop cluster with seperate yarn ?


what parameter that makes namenode know location yarn?

i already try add this :






when i start the daemon RM wont up..

help would bevery helpfull for me.





Actually you have several config file for RM under /etc/hadoop/conf dir
this is mainly host all the core services configs , so you just only should make sure that you are using a proper config inside yarn-site.xml .

inside that file you can specify the location of you RM .

if possible attache you yarn-site.xml conf file here to validate .


also it's a good idea to check the logs for RM once you start it to see the reason of this start up failure .


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Hi Moh-AJ


yes u right its all there i already config and try start and from error log it said TT cant open connection to RM server ip, i already open all connection.

i will post my conf and error log here so other hadoop can help me.