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How to ssh and scp from Mac terminal to HDF sandbox



    I am able to ssh using localhost:4200. How can I ssh from a Mac terminal window? Also how can I scp from Mac terminal?








Please loo at this tutorial  accessing sandbox from Mac with ssh




Any updates? Do you still need help? Else if it worked please take some time and log in accept the answer the thread can be closed and referenced by other members facing the same issue.



Yes. I only can from browser http://localhost:4200. I am unable to this from a terminal on Mac as

ssh root@ -p 4200

I get permission denied.


Also I would like to know how I can scp from a terminal to HDF or vice versa.

I tried scp <file> root@ .   <ip address of laptop>:/

I get connection refused



I think there is a problem with your command,[scp <file> root@ . <ip address of laptop>:/ ] try to revise your SCP command. I am trying to reproduce your situation  with 2 hosts one running MobaXterm  [Left] and the other Putty [Right]


 I have just attached a screenshot below of the sequence and command. I have illustrated it with 2 hosts Simba [Left] and Yumbe [ Right], I am copying the file host_names_changes.json from Simba /root to Yumbe /root directory note the command


simba~]# scp host_names_changes.json root@  so the format is 

scp  <file_name>  user@<FQDN or IP>:/<Destination_directory>

The connection is established and once I confirm the root password of the destination host the file is copied. When I finally check on the destination

yumbe~]# ll
and the timestamp confirms that the file host_names_changes.json was indeed copied from Simba to Yumbe  which would represent your Mac  and HDF 



Does that answer you?


@Shelton- Thanks. Let me give it a try. Will get back to you.

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