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How to stop NiFi running in the background on Windows?

Expert Contributor

Hi, I didnt stop NiFi with the usual control+C command, when i turned my laptop back on NiFi was still running. How do i Shut it down? Thanks



Hi @Roger Young

What does status-nifi.bat report on the machine? Are there any Java processes that show up in your task manager? It's possible that if NiFi wasn't shutdown cleanly that it was unable to delete, nifi.status, and nifi.lock files and that the bootstrap logic is incorrectly assuming that means it is still running.

If you determine that there is not a NiFi process running (task manager, status-nifi above) you could try moving those files out to another directory and then starting NiFi.

Expert Contributor

Hi, staus-nifi.bat shows NiFi is running. There is also java processes showing in task manager. NiFi is working fine, i just want to shut it down properly. I tried bin\ stop but that doesnt work.

Expert Contributor

i just killed the processes in task manager


Run "nifi.bat stop" from nifi bin folder and it would stop nifi.

Expert Contributor

Hi, that command returns the following error

'nifi.bat' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.


Try placing the stop-nifi.bat file from the attached zip file in your bin folder and running it.

New Contributor

edit run-nifi.bat, replace 'run' in the last line with 'stop' and save it with stop-nifi.batch. Then run it the usual way. Then check status-nifi.bat