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How to take production cluster fsimage backup ?

New Contributor

Dear team,

We have a HDP cluster of 200 node with HA setup. I want to take fsimage file backup as per enterprise policy. Can some one suggest what is best practice to regularly take fsimage backup ?


New Contributor

Hi Sandeep. Thanks for your quick response. In our case we are using Active/standby name node. Their is no secondary name node. How to consider in active / standby . and which command more appropriate .

Since HA is enabled you can skip the 1st point and follow the rest.

  1. Deploy monitoring on both NameNodes to confirm that checkpoints are triggering regularly. This helps reduce the amount of missing transactions in the event that you need to restore from a backup containing only fsimage files without subsequent edit logs. It is good practice to monitor this anyway, because huge uncheckpointed edit logs can cause long delays after a NameNode restart while it replays those transactions. (There is not command as such, we'd need to check the timestamp when the file got created)
  2. Backup the most recent “fsimage_*” and “fsimage_*.md5” from the standby NameNode periodically. Try to keep the latest version of the file on another machine in the cluster.

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