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How to upgrade CDH 5.16.2 (Not managed through cloudera manager) to 6.3.4 (will have CM)?

New Contributor

I have a cluster in CDH 5.16.2 it uses CDH packages, It dont have cloudera manager.  Want to upgrade it to CDH 6.3.4 (will have CM). What is procedure to perform this kind upgrade? 


@NiteshLal The best way I can think of is first migrate CM from packages to Parcels due to the matter of fact that it’s always easy to manage a cluster using parcels.


Now, once you migrated to parcels using above doc you will have a CDH 5.16.2 with Cloudera Manager parcels. Then you can upgrade the cluster as well CM to 6.3.x using simple upgrade doc.


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New Contributor

Thanks @GangWar  for referenced links I will go through it. 

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