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How to upgrade Zeppelin to a custom version

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I am running the latest HDP- with latest Ambari, which provides Zeppelin Notebook 0.7.0. This service is very important for our workflows. By the way, this version of Zeppelin contains some major bugs for example the most important for me are:

Recently a new version of Zeppelin was released (0.7.1 and 0.7.2 is going on). I did not find any instructions or discussions about how i can manualy upgrade that service. Is it possible? should i add a custom repo for that? or i can just stop Zeppelin, update the files and start again? if so, will Ambari understand, that the version is updated?


@Nikita Uchitelev

Single component upgrade cannot be done. If you have the list of jiras you are looking fix for, please raise a support ticket and provide details of the issue.

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@Mugdha thank you for the response! can you please provide the proper link to Jira?

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@Nikita Uchitelev

I suggest you to install Zeppelin as independent service. That means you download the version of Zeppelin you want, untar, copy the content of Notebooks folder from you current version, edit files zeppelin-site.xml and shiro.ini located in Conf folder. To start Zeppelin use "./bin/ start".