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How to use Apache Nifi ConsumeKafka_1_0 Processor


I have Nifi cluster of and Kafka is also installed there.

Created one topic with 5 partitions, start consuming that topic with one gourpid. So that each partition will get unique messages.

Now I created the 5 ConsumeKafka_1_0 processors having the intent of getting unique messages on each consumer side. But only 2 of the ConsumeKafka_1_0 are consuming all the messages rest is setting ideal.

Now what I did is started the 5 command line Kafka consumer, and what happened is, I was able to see the all the partitions are getting the messages and able to consume them from command line consumer in round-robin fashion only.

Also, I tried descried the Kafka group and what I saw was only 2 of the Nifi ConsumeKafka_1_0 is consuming all the 5 partitions and rest is ideal, see the snapshot.


Would you please let me what I am doing wrong here with Nifi consumer processor.

Note - i used Nifi version is 1.5 and Kafka version is 1.0.


New Contributor

Any idea how do i disable : ssl.endpoint.identification.algorithm  or make it as null.


@NifiUser Set the property ssl.endpoint.identification.algorithm value as Empty StringScreenshot 2022-07-01 at 11.58.18 AM.png