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How to use Hive 2.1 on HDP 2.6.4 ?


I am trying to create a table with a primary key in Hive, adding a primary key constraint was a feature which was introduced in Hive 2.1. I am using HDP 2.6.4 and have already enabled interactive query in hive config, which has enabled Hive 2.0 view.

I am only using Hive 2.0 view for all the query tests.

When I run the version check command in the remote shell box, I see that the hive version is still 1.2, which is the same version shown in the "Stacks and Versions" tab on the Ambari page.

Is there any way to use the Hive 2.1 on HDP 2.6.4?


Hi, I tried using some of the features introduced in Hive 2.1 and could not use it with HDp 2.6.4. On checking the hive version in the remote shell box, I can see that the Hive version is still showing as 1.2.

I have already enabled Interactive query and I am trying the new hive features in Hive 2.0 view, but it still fails to run the commands.

Does anybody know a solution to change the Hive version on the HDP?


Master Collaborator

Can you verify that the setup for View is correct? Check the following doc:

Pay close attention to the "HiveServer2 JDBC URL" parameter, it should be pointing to the JDBC URL for the HSI, typically that URL will contain the string "zooKeeperNamespace=hiveserver2-hive2"

I am using HDP 2.6.3 and enabled LLAP but HvieServer2 Interactive service is not running.

Please advice in this regard.