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How to use an attribute in nifi to evaluate jsonpath from content of flowfile

I use JSON Paths as attributes to nifi flowfiles (of JSON mime type). I want to evaluate these JSON Path over the content of the flowfiles but I can't use Evaluate JSON path processor as it does not support expression language. How can I do this as I can't hard code the JSON Paths in the processor, they are varying file to file.


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You can accomplish this with ExecuteScript, the following example uses Groovy as the language and Jayway's JsonPath as the library for JSONPath parsing. First I had to download 3 JARs (json-path and its required transitive dependencies) into a directory:


Then I set the Module Directory property to the path of this directory:


Note that I have also added a dynamic property, whose name will become an attribute and whose value supports Expression Language and (after evaluation) should contain a JSONPath expression used to retrieve the value from the content of the JSON flow file.

The Script Body is the following Groovy script:

import com.jayway.jsonpath.*
def flowFile = session.get()
if(!flowFile) return
def inputStream =
def json = JsonPath.parse(inputStream)
inputStream.close() {p,s -> p.dynamic}.each {pd, name ->
   def prop = context.getProperty(pd)
   try {
      flowFile = session.putAttribute(flowFile,,
   } catch (e) {
      log.error("Error evaluating JSONPath expression in property $name: ${prop?.value} , ignoring...", e)
session.transfer(flowFile, REL_SUCCESS)

I tested this with a GenerateFlowFile:


After the ExecuteScript transfers the flow file, it has the desired attribute name/value:


This should work with any number of attributes/JSONPaths per flow file. In addition, I have written NIFI-4100 to cover the improvement to the EvaluateJsonPath processor to support Expression Language.

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There is such a scene,an attribute IP address in the flowfile,I have to call a Python function,to resolve the region infomation through IP address,then add the region infomation to new flowfile,how should I do? Thanks a lot for replying.@Matt Burgess

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I don't know why I can't ask question

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Hi @mburgess I tried the solution but it is not working for other JSON paths like $.key

I tried multiple JSON paths but seems like it only works for $.cells.year. Please let me know your thoughts. I followed the exact steps you provided.