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How to view HDFS files when Kerberos is installed

New Contributor

Hi Guys,

I have created a four node cluster on AWS and enable kerberos on it, i like to view the HDFS file. Please let me know, how view HDFS files.


Super Guru

@venkat v

There are two simple steps if you are using command line.

1. Do a kinit using a principal who has access to hadoop. Assuming a principal name "hdp@REALM.COM".

kinit -k -t <hdp.keytab file> hdp@REALM.COM -> if you are using a keytab to login

kinit hdp@REALM.COM -> if you are using principal and its password to login.

2. Run ls command to see the list of files or cat to view the contents.

hadoop hdfs dfs -ls /user/hdp (or a different location within hdfs)

If you don't like command line then

3. Setup HUE to work with Kerberos and browse your files from HUE.


Other 2 ways to access through Ambari is:

1) Using Files View from Ambari ( By setting up Ambari for kerberos )

2) Using Namenode Web UI ( By setting up Ambari for kerberos and SPNEGO Authentication against cluster components).

Hope that Helps!