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How to write the same data to two different data centers using NIFI at same time ?


I have data center A and B. Whenever clients send the data to FTP that needs to write to Both A & B data centers respectively.So that If my Data center A is down I can run my jobs on Data center B.

Could someone please drop suggestions how to do implement this approach ?



Hey @Veerendra Nath Jasthi!
I'm not sure if I get it, but if you need to write on both DC through Nifi, you can try to use the following flow:
GetFTPLocal connected to PutFTP Datacenter A
GetFTPLocal connected to PutFTP Datacenter B

But, if you need to continue your flow on both DC, you can use Nifi site-to-site, this will give to you the ability to use Remote Process Groups. And then would be smtg like this:

Process Group (FTP) - RemoteProcessGroup Datacenter A - Flow
Process Group (FTP) - RemoteProcessGroup Datacenter B - Flow

More details:

Hope this helps!

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