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How we can create a Kyvos cubes using Teradata data base ?

New Contributor

Hi All,

We have a SSAS cubes source form Tera data.

Problem Statment : Facing huge perfamnce issue with SSAS cubes as we are feeding huge data every month (peta bytes) we are thinking to move to kyvos it will work and we don't want to use SSIS or SSAS (SQL Server tools ) any more how we can create a cube (OLAP)using Teradata ? and is there any posiabilty to aggrigate data in that?

Please provide your valiables suggestions and feedback

thanks in advance,

Saidulu Guduru



Hi Saidulu,

This is a common use case and experience in SSAS/Tera data when data volumes increase and performance gets impacted.

If switching to Kyvos you will be able to create the same cubes you are used to with SSAS and you will be able to connect to the Kyvos cubes via the same SSAS driver in your tool of choice ( ex. Tableau)

Kyvos will allow you to create aggregations and serves up queries extremely fast.

Hope this is helpful!