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Hue 3.12, the improved editor for SQL Developers and Analysts is out!

Hi Big Data Explorers,

The Hue Team is glad to thanks all the contributors and release Hue 3.12! hue-logo (copy)


In this latest updates of Hue, the intelligent editor for SQL Developers and Analysts the focus was on the Editor and security. More than 1570 commits on top of 3.11 went in!


Here is a list of the main improvements with links to more detailed blog posts:


For all the changes, check out the release notes and for a quick try open-up








Pls clarify the below questions


1. I am using CDH 5.7, Can I download and use Hue 3.12 for CDH 5.7 (Is there any pre-request for Hue 3.12)?


2. Our current Hue version is 3.9  , can we jump from Hue 3.9 to Hue 3.12 without upgrading Hue to 3.10 (and CDH)?


3. Can we use two different Hue versions at the same time by any chance? My idea is, I don't want to down the environment for long time, so I want my developers to continue to use Hue 3.9 until I've install Hue 3.12 and explore the same with new features. Once everything is all set with Hue 3.12, I will inform to my team to switch to Hue 3.12 and uninstall Hue 3.9........... am I missing something here?





You can download and install Hue 3.12 on your own, but it won't be properly configured by CM

Or you could manuall compile and update the Hue in the Cloudera parcels, but this can be error prone and officially supported.



Yes, you can jmup over any version when upgrading



Currently the recommended way is to upgrade the full CDH as Hue is bundled inside.

You could install Hue manually or in a new cluster, and have it points to the services (HDFS, Hive etc...) of your cluster (by copying the hue.ini generated by CM for Hue 3.9).


Large company usually test new CDH version in a new cluster, but if you just want to test a new Hue, you could just try the above.

@Romainr could you pls help us in importing the existing workflows, coordinators and bundles, as we are running hue 3.9 currenlty and want to test hue 3.12 as i see there are quite good features add in and will move ahead to upgrade.




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