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Hue Dashboard Download option


I am using Cloudera 5.8 version and Hue 3.10. I have build a dashboard using Solr cloud. The dashboard has got the grid to show the records and also text facets. The total number of records in the grid is 15000+. We want to use the download option in the grid to download all the records into excel, but it is donwloading only 1000 records. 


Do we have any way we can increase the download limit. Please advise.





I am also getting the similar issue while downloading data from solr dashboard. Hue doesn't have any option in Solr setting, also no option in CM -> Solr -> Configuration.


Any reference to SOLR team?

Yes, it is not possible to get more than 1000 rows for now. will help and be integrated for
the Search app this year.


Thanks for reply. It helped me.

New Contributor

Hello, any update to this ? I see that issue is still open. So does it mean, that there is no way how to increase dashboard download limit at the moment?

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