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Hue Upload Limitations

New Contributor

Hi all, 


Maybe I didn't find some entries or articles about this "issue". Is there any limitations about the web upload for hue?

I only found a really old ticket from 2016 ( 


Currently we are facing some issues during the upload via web frontend. I think it is due to the file size, but it would be nice to get a confirmation about this. 





Super Collaborator



As per the above Jira- HUE-2782 the resolution is "won't fix" so issue cannot be fixed.

We do not know you are facing the same issue or not so please attach the error screenshot and  error stacktrcae to look into it.



Chethan YM


@hbenner89 ,

In addition to what @ChethanYM wrote above, you should also share the file size that you are attempting to upload.

As a general matter, you can't expect a web browser to enable you to upload a file with arbitrarily large size, so the perhaps unstated reason the Jira issue you pointed to was resolved with the status "won't fix" is because this is not a limitation that is specific to Hue.



Bill Brooks, Community Moderator
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