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Hue cannot display database and structure, but queries are fine - possible causes?

Cloudera Employee


I am trying to setup Hue against a Hive DB.  Hue is installed in a Docker container.  We are able to log in to Hue, browse HDFS from Hue, and run queries against the database.  However, on the left side of the screen, when we select the Hive database browser, we see a generic error saying Hue could not display the database.


We found that the database connection was just fine in the query editor.  I was able to run queries against the database and receive results.  The auto-complete on the query editor was working as well.


What would you do to troubleshoot this?



@ozaki You should take a look at the hive metastore configuration in Hue.  It sounds like you have Hue access through hive, but you do not have access to the hive metastore.  The hive metastore stores the information about which hive schemas/databases exist, and which tables are found within each.


I would comment more about specific configuration, but I am not sure what platform you are using, or versions.  To troubleshoot further, while using HUE UI, monitor the hue logs, and hive logs for more specific information as the Hue UI shows limited error details.



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Steven @ DFHZ

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