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Hue port redirecting


I have configured hue on my HDP 2.3 . it is not managed on ambari.

The port mentioned in hue.ini file is

# Webserver listens on this address and port



whenever I put my ipaddress:443 in the browser , it redirects to only ip address.

additionally hue is also accessible only by putting ip address in the browser.

My cluster is hosted on aws.

I want hue web UI to be accessible only through the specified port and not by only ip address.

Any help will be appreciated


Re: Hue port redirecting


Have you check that Hue is listening on the right port 443 (https) ?

443 is the https default port, so your browser remove it from the url and replace it by https:// in front of your ip address.

You could try with another port if you want to verify, ex: 15001