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I am able to access ambari using localhost:8080, but not to access ambari when i use ipaddress(i.e ipaddress:8080) , the login just gets stuck. Can anyone help me with this ?


Can access ambari using localhostbut not able to do the same using ipaddress , i do get the web page of ambari which means ambari is up and running but cannot login using ipaddress , but can do using localhost.


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@Sagar Nyamagouda

Ambari cluster nodes need to be configured with a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) in /etc/hosts file, else all hosts in your system must be configured for both forward and and reverse DNS. localhost is not an FQDN. You will need to configure the node with an FQDN and then retry. This requirement and how to configure the node to meet it are documented in the pre-requirements from the HDP documentation. Using below command on hosts individually you can get the correct FQDN

hostname -f


I have added FQDN in the /etc/hosts file , but still not able to access it from the browser , neither i can login using the ipadress:8080 nor FQDN:8080, i get the ambariUI but cant login , the login gets stuck